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XNA Quake 3 Library 0.3

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Released: Aug 21, 2008
Updated: Aug 21, 2008 by MasterSlowPoke
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Example sample_code_snippet.txt
example, 2K, uploaded Aug 21, 2008 - 176 downloads

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Application XNAQ3Lib.dll
application, 52K, uploaded Aug 21, 2008 - 130 downloads
Application Q3BSPContentPipelineExtension.dll
application, 24K, uploaded Aug 21, 2008 - 102 downloads
Source Code basicQ3Effect.fx
source code, 2K, uploaded Aug 21, 2008 - 118 downloads

Release Notes

To use, add a reference to XNAQ3Lib.dll to your project, a reference to Q3BSPContentPipelineExtension.dll to your content project, add basicQ3Effect.fx to your content project (base folder), and follow the sample code snippet. Alternatively, use the newest source code listed on the source code tab and compile (and debug!) your own version.

CHANGELOG (from 0.2 alpha)
  • Fixed Q3BSPLogger and made it debug only, thanks to Neil Pendlington.
  • Added Content Pipeline Extension for Quake 3 .shader files. Current support is minimal, with only the tcMod attributes: scale, rotate, scroll parsed, and all blending is currently additive.
  • Added new classes, Q3BSPMaterial and Q3BSPMaterialStage, for use when utilizing .shader effects.
  • Added .csproj files for the Library and Content Pipeline projects.
  • Q3BSPLevel.InitializeLevel now requires a string containing the path to the directory containing all compiled .shaders. String.Empty is allowed if you are not utilizing shader scripts.
  • Q3BSPShaderManager now supports loading Q3BSPMaterials and prefers those when both a .shader script and a texture of the same name exist
  • Q3BSPLevel.Loader now writes a list of expected texture paths to log.text when running in Debug mode.
  • Q3BSPShaderManager.GetEffect is now split into two paths, one for setting basicQ3Effect.fx and another for retrieving an effect from a Q3BSPMaterial. In addition, all effect parameters are now set in these methods.
  • Removed Q3BSPShaderManager.BasePath
  • Added descriptor to Q3BSPLevel.InitializeLevel

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